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Levine Hung

Pop Hair Surprise 3-In-1 POP Pets with Brushable Hair【Best Value Hot Sale Now】

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Hair Surprise 3-in-1 Pop Pets with Hair Hair Everywhere

Pop Pop Hair Surprise is the 3-in-1 surprise ready to POP with brushable, washable & wearable hair. Get 3 characters in 1 – a Pop Brush, a Pop Roller, and a Pop Hair Pet.

Wear in Your Hair

Pop Hair Pets have brushable, washable & wearable hair! You can style each character and wear them in your hair with the attached elastic band!

Real Hair Brush

The adorable Pop Brush is a real, working hair brush to brush your Pop Hair Pet’s hair and your own hair.

1.Endless Ways to Style, Like Sweet Pigtails

2.Cute Half-up Buns

Use included rubber bands to create two buns in Donna Llama’s hair, then clip the ends with hair clips.

25+ To Collect in 4 Fabulous Themes

Each Pop Pop Hair Surprise comes with 1 Pop Brush, 1 Pop Roller, and 1 Pop Hair Pet. Collect 25+ Pop Pets in 4 stylish themes – Bed Heads, Girly Q’s, Pretty in Punk and Disco ‘Dos. Pop Hair Pets also come in 6 hair types and 20+ hair colors. Will you find the Ultra-Rare Flair twins Hairy Kate and Brushly? Collect them all with Pop Pop Hair Surprise!