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Non-Stick BBQ Bake Bag,Reusable And Easy To Clean

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Save Time, Eat Healthier with this perfect barbecue solution!

Non-Stick BBQ & Bake Bag grill multiple foods in the same bag which allows you to cook small foods like shrimps and vegetables on the BBQ that were difficult to do in the past.

You can FLIP & HEAT one side of ALL foods at the same time!

The bag is made of mesh materials which keep your food from slipping away to the charcoal doom and?allow heat and smoke inEnjoy 360° cooking with EVEN HEAT.


  • Mesh Design- Allows heat & BBQ flavor to pass through
  • Snap Button Design- Prevent the food falls Out
  • Non-Stick Design- Bags can be flipped very easily with no sticking to the grill
  • Flip multiple foods at One Time!
  • Withstand Intense Heat- Can handle any level of heat?on the barbeque or in the oven
  • Great for Small Foods Veggies, Fish, Shrimp & More
  • Mouthwatering Grill Marks - look as if the food were done right on the BBQ
  • Can be used as a Crisper Oven Bag for French Fries & More
  • Dishwasher Safe and Reusable

  • Size: 40cm x 33cm (Large), 40cm x 28cm (Small)
  • 1 x Non-Stick BBQ & Bake Bag