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Car Door Seal Strip

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Suitable for various models, cars, SUVs, pickups, trucks, etc., also suitable for home windows and doors

Why should I use this seal strip

1. The voice is steady and heavy when switch the car door, eliminate collide sound when closed the car door.

2. Inhibition of high-speed wind dry, reduce interior noise, can be controlled 120M/H into 80M/H.

3. Improve vehicle's air-tightness and dust-proof capabilities.

4. The optimization engine compartment cooling airflow.

5. Improve the air conditioning cooling and heating power, to some extent reduce fuel consumption.



  • In winter, it isolates the cold air outside the car; in the summer, it prevents the air conditioner from leaking in the car.
  • B shape design: An upgraded universal car truck sealer weather striping used to replace other Type D, P, Z ,and O stripe.
  • Easy installation: All you have to do is paste it along the outline of the door.

  • Sound improvement: it reduces the noise into the car, reduces wind noise, and makes the sound of you closing the door thicker. If you think the engine is too noisy, you can also put a lap on the hood.
  • In dry weather, it will prevent dust from entering the car; on rainy days, it will prevent rain from flowing into the gap in the door. 

  • Color: Black.
  • Weight: 25g / m
  • Size: 12mm (Width) x 6mm (Thickness)
  • Material:  Natural Rubber

1.Wipe away stains, dust, and oil at the installation site with a dry cloth
2.Peel the protective film at one end of the seal strip.
3. After placement, press seal firmly.
4. Do not wet wash for 3 days, within 24 hours try not to open the door repeatedly
5. After installation is complete, the door will be a bit tight, will return to normal in about 2-3 days.


  • For  Engine Cover: 5m Long Rubber Strip
  • For Trunk Box: 6m Long Rubber Strip
  • For 4 Car Doors: 16m Long Rubber Strip
  • For 4 Car Doors + Engine Cover + Trunk Box: 25m Long Rubber Strip


How would I remove the old weatherstrip? peel, scrape, and use some kind of solvent to get the glue? acetone? paint thinner?
Try softening the old adhesive with a blow dryer to make removal a bit easier. Pull gently and then scrape with something that won't damage the window (hard plastic scraper or metal used carefully). As a less chemical-based method to remove adhesive residue, you can try Goo Gone (which uses orange oil) or plain old white vinegar (although this is drippy), after you have removed most of the solid material.
Will this fit my 2008 Toyota Tacoma pickup
We should have no problem. I bought two of the two packs for my Ridgeline and have some leftover.
Will this work on outside doors in hot, high humid conditions?
Yes it works perfectly in any weather conditions
I saw it can be used on the door of a house. Does that mean I can use it on the windows of my house?
yes you prob could just have a clean surface


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